Entry #1

I'M the Featured Artist?!

2008-06-04 14:51:05 by Charem

Okay, I never did make one of these news post thingies before but I would say ths is definitely the time for one. O.O How the heck am I the featured artist for the audio portal today? I'm...amazed! ^.^ Thanks everybody for making it happen! <3


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2008-06-04 14:53:24

u must feel awesum : D

Charem responds:

I'm utterly shocked, but excited too! =P


2008-06-04 16:02:07

It's chosen by random, so yer just lucky ;)

Charem responds:

XD Well, it's still awesome, hehe.


2008-06-04 17:34:18

L0L Furries

Charem responds:

Lawlz to the extreme! =P I am a furry, and I agree with your comment!


2008-06-04 18:19:39

yep me too.

Charem responds:



2008-06-04 19:48:30

Lucky you must be awesum :p

Charem responds:

XD Not really awesome. But I try!


2008-06-05 01:46:14

4 long years, right?!

Charem responds:

I guess so...though I've never been a heavily active Newgrounds member...well, sometimes.


2008-06-05 23:12:06

hey i downloaded one of your songs yesterday

Charem responds:

^^ Glad you enjoyed it.


2008-06-06 23:07:26

Never honestly heard of you before (there's just so darn many of us on NG after all) but I really like your work! Hope to see more cool stuff in the future.

Charem responds:

Thank you! ^^ Computer issues mean more is not going to come...not immediately anyways. I wll be getting a new computer in a couple months, which will solve this, however! =)


2008-06-08 18:13:27

Charmeleon is my favorite pokemon too. :)

Charem responds:

Rock on! =D


2008-06-09 18:41:08

is his penis on fire??

Charem responds:

No...it's my tail...which is in front of my body...and my tail has a flame, so... XD


2008-06-10 08:52:42

Youuuu. I know youuu. ... Are you -that- Charem? The one I've never spoken to before yet seen tons of arts from? ... From FA? o-o;

Charem responds:

Correct-o-mundo! =D I'm the one an' only Charem!


2008-06-10 17:33:55

i wish i was featured...

Charem responds:

I heard it's random, so...just keep an eye out, and maybe you will! =)


2008-07-17 11:26:34

hey man you wana hook up??? mmm

Charem responds:

Eh? ^^; Hook up?