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Nice...you used my music. =P

Thanks for that. ^^ Wish you would've told me ya used it though! (I like to check out any submission that uses my music.)

darkusPrince responds:

ok, i'll remember that, thanks for the review


Reminds me of my stay in New York City, where bootleg copies are practically a way of life...

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Excellent, simple gameplay. :3

The backgrounds were quite pleasing (pixels = <3 ), the music was catchy even after hearing it a million times over...and of course, the gameplay! Cute idea for a game, and deceptively more difficult than it first appears to be...

Some people argue this game's easy, but...I guess it kinda depends on how your brain is wired. XD (I'm not a huge puzzle fanatic, nor does my brain really 'think ahead' very far, like this game requires.)

5/5 and 9/10!

I really do like this.

But yeah, way too hardcore. I nearly beat the game on my second shot, in fact...but Planet 7, the last planet, is SUCH a kick in the face. I wasn't expecting a simple sphere full of Sawblades of Doom. Would've been nice if you had started the player off on a safe platform, instead of just throwing him into the carnage.

Pretty fun.

On the final battle (against the dude who is bigger and doesn't go down in one hit), my samurai froze while doing a move though. Just started running in place and was stuck...the enemy couldn't hurt him either.

But then I figured out that by selecting Play, it basically re-wound to before I entered the battle, so I could do it again. Bizarre. XD

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Why's the rating so low on this? o3o

I was searching for "Egg Rocket", as I was looking for a cool remix of this tune...and your son appeared at the bottom of the list with a 1.99. I admit I wouldn't normally have clicked onto this tune, except I didn't really like ALL of the other songs (from a list of like 20) that came up.

And lo and behold, your tune is the superior one by far. Now I will say it's a little generic (and very quiet, for some reason, on my headphones), which is why I give the 8/10...but if you remastered this? =) Oh-ho! You could get a 10 from me if you just polished a few things (you made some mistakes with the notes) and added a little more variety to the tune. And volume, more volume. x3

I do like it though. Smooth, nice piano, good rock. So, 8/10 and 5/5 for you, good sir. =)

(And hopefully the fact I bumped your rating here from 1.99 to 2.78 will convince at least a few more people to give this song a try!)

Not too bad, but not exactly authentic.

Overall it sounds pretty good, though maybe a little too busy. But one thing people forget when trying to go for 8-bit remixes is the number of channels normally available for 8-bit.

The NES allowed for 5 sound channels, for instance, while the Gameboy (also 8-bit) allowed for 4.

This sounds like a lot more than 5, so...yeah. Authenticity is hard sometimes, but I might recommend you give it a shot.

EliteFerrex responds:

I definitely know the ins and outs of the chiptune limit, a.k.a. the "golden rule" of 8-bit music, but I purposely choose to break it in my songs, because I feel it more entertaining to let 8-bit music be freed from its normal constraints. To me, it seems like it can expand and become something more beautiful.

*plays air guitar!*

Voted 5/5 10/10, because this song totally deserves it, and also because I freaking HATE people that vote 0 on things. >:P I shall avenge you!

Speaking of the song, I absolutely ADORE the part that comes in at 0:44. <3 That guitar was awesome. This tune really got me pumped!

Heyas all! I'm just a random lizard with some musical inclination...check me out on the audio portal! http://www.newground s.com/audio/view.php ?id=854521

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